FEATURE INTERVIEW with Brian Lee Skidmore of The Weird Beards

Interview by Corrine Jensen 
April 19, 2011

WC: So, you’re Brian Lee Skidmore… how awesome is that?
: It’s about as amazing as a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

WC: That is pretty amazing. What’s also amazing is your music. Recently you traveled up to Vermont and performed some solo gigs. How was that experience?
It was fantastic. It was just me and my Uke and everyone was just so kind and my music was very well received.

WC: Well, that’s cool. What knowledge did you take away from the shows?
BLS: It really showed me that I need to be on the road. I need to be out there making music. There’s a market for it. People want something original and creative, something just… different.

WC: Ha. Well you are certainly different! 
BLS: Yeah, it’s true. But different can be exciting and unusual and people need that. Some of these people, they don’t even know it yet.

WC: Speaking of things that are different and exciting and unusual, let’s talk about the New London music scene. Are there any New London bands out there that you’re digging?
BLS: Definitely Straight to VHS. Their passion and drive are constantly inspiring me.

WC: What would you tell up and coming musicians and bands emerging onto the New London music scene today? 
BLS: I would tell them that this city is absolutely the best place to start. This city has evolved so much musically over the years. New bands can survive here, they can thrive here. It is a good place to ‘come from’ but hopefully they can break out onto a larger scale.

WC: What do you mean by ‘break out onto a larger scale’? 
BLS: Just, New London is great, but if you perform in the same city over and over again people lose interest. There will always be the die hard fans, and I love each and every one, but the appreciation and interest in your style of music comes in waves. You need to keep it fresh.

WC: Speaking of, your band, the Weird Beards, are coming out of a 5 month hiatus. What did you guys do during that time? 
BLS: We’ve been working on our first full length album ADED (All Day Every Day) and practicing and lining up gigs.

WC: What’s up next for the infamous Weird Beards?
BLS: The big show coming up is the 4/20 Uke fest at the Oasis Pub. What started as a celebration of our bands birth (4 years ago) is now a New London tradition and this year the line up is huge. Everyone should come.

WC: I’ll be there!
BLS: Awesome. We’ve also been talking with the talented Chris Castle about a summer tour on the East Coast and Mid-West. We also plan on making some music videos this summer and will be looking for actors, models, dancers to partake. It’s going to be epic.

WC: So should we be on the lookout for the Weird Beards name on the Whalie awards ballot next year?
BLS: Definitely. We have big things looming in the future. We’re just constantly changing and evolving and growing with no end on the horizon.

Look for an upcoming full length from The Weird Beards titled ADED! Arreaka!



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