What is Wailing City? 
Launched in 2006, Wailing City was created as an "online zine" to support, document and promote the vibrant music scene within New London County, Connecticut. Over seventeen years later it continues to serve as a local music resource featuring an extensive live music calendar, music events, music releases, news, interviews and more – all in support of our diverse and thriving music scene.

Who runs Wailing City?
Hi, I’m Meghan Killimade – a local drummer who has played in local bands such as Three Dollar Depth Charge, April In Nevada, Paul Brockett Roadshow and Bedroom Rehab Corporation. I am also a hobbyist / freelance photographer of 25+ years and enjoy photographing live music. My photos have been featured in a number of regional newspapers and many local music albums. I’m also very passionate about supporting and spreading the word on what’s happening within our local music scene. I do not get paid for doing any of this, I work on Wailing City in my free time, all in support of our local music scene. 

How do I get my show posted on the live music calendar / send a show flyer / send a gig or venue schedule?
We help promote live music within New London County, Connecticut by sharing your flyers, event pages & live music schedules!
Tag us in your posts & stories on social media! 
Instagram: @wailingcity Facebook: @WailingCity 
Email: meghan@wailingcity.com
Please tag us in your post or story – which makes it easier for us to share your flyer or event page. Screenshotting stories and searching for your posts take time, please help us help you and tag us! Also, please make sure your posts and stories are public/shareable. 

How often do you update the site?
I update our social media pages and the live music calendar daily - often many times throughout the day. Most weekly website updates are typically completed between Sunday night and Tuesday. Feature interviews are published on Thursdays. 

My band is interested in being interviewed or having our music reviewed, how do we get featured?
Email: meghan@wailingcity.com
Please note, that we are currently looking for contributors to do music reviews, if this is you, get in touch!

What cities do you cover/support?
Wailing City covers musicians, bands and venues within New London county, Connecticut: New London, Groton, Norwich, Waterford, Mystic, Stonington, North Stonington, Pawcatuck, Montville, Lyme, East Lyme, Old Lyme, Ledyard, Colchester, Preston, Lebanon, Bozrah, Griswold, Salem, Lisbon, Sprague, Voluntown, Franklin. We are currently working to incorporate live music listings/events in Westerly, RI. 

How can I contribute?
Anyone interested in doing interviews, music reviews, show reviews & show photos etc please get in touch! meghan@wailingcity.com. 

Some current and past contributors: Jeff Thunders, Anne Castellano, Kim Case, Corrine Jensen, Adam Wujtewicz, Don Diederich, Lizzie Simons and Joseph Thibeault. Huge thanks to Shaun Birsdeye, (bassist of The Hempsteadys), who had the vision to create Wailing City, was a huge part of its inception and continues to be a silent partner & supporter. 

Do you have booking contacts? 
This is a popular question for us. We generally do not have or provide this information, but do have an extensive list of venues that host live music on a regular basis here. Please contact venues for booking information.

I have other questions - who do I contact?