Bridging Scenes: Interview with Scott Fitch of New Haven's The Rezistors

Published January 26, 2023
Interview By Jeff Thunders
Intro by Meghan Killimade

Scott Fitch, (a.k.a. Son of a Fitch), is a professional engineer and a local CT consulting business owner who has also been a local New Haven area rock musician for about 25 years. He originates from the Phoenix/Tempe Arizona music scene during the heyday of the Gin Blossoms, Meat Puppets, and Refreshments. Other than the most recent guitarist for The Lost Riots, Scott was best known as part of a 3-piece Tuba Rock band called The Gene Gnomes. He is now a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for The Rezistors who have been together for just over a year. 

The band are playing at 33 Golden Street this Saturday January 28th along side Fatal Film, The Prozacs and Jared Knapik. Check out this interview with Scott, by Jeffrey Thunders - and check out the show Saturday!

Interview by Jeffrey Thunders

Hey Scott how are ya? 
Pretty darn OK, but better now that we can play music live again!! 

Who are The Rezistors
The Rezistors are three veteran musicians [from New Haven] looking to play original punk rock who never played together before this. We are a 3 piece. I “Son of a Fitch” am the guitarist, Todd Ellison is the drummer and Matt DeSanti is the bassist. We all sing. 

2022 has been a good year for The Rezistors. You kicked off the band. You Released the EP " GTFO" (via Die Hipster Records), and have started to make a name for yourselves . What are your plans for 2023? 
Play lots of shows with some key shows out of state, record another EP... get signed and quit our day jobs -- ha ha! Ok just more shows and recording!

What would you say has been the main influence behind the music and lyrics you've been writing for The Rezistors? 
I can’t say for our drummer Todd Ellison who writes several of the songs, but as for the songs I have written, my influences for the music are bands like Generation X, Social D, The Sex Pistols and more recently Against Me! I guess I really love punk rock guitar! My influences for the music are anywhere from my personal faults/experiences to how we have to fight, (yeah that’s a name of a song), to end the insanity in this politically divided world. 

What are your top 5 favorite albums? 
Too many, but as for Punk Rock (not including local bands)... Never M ind the Bol locks, H ere’s The Sex Pistols, Generation X – Generation X , Green Day – Dookie, Against Me! – White Crosses, Social Distortion – Social Distortion 

You've been known to roam the streets of New London even though you don't live in the area. What makes New London an attractive place to be for an outsider? 
It just has a different vibe than the New Haven area and is a nice change of pace. I wish there were many more venues in New London, but 33 Golden Street will always satisfy. 

If you can narrow it down, what are your top 3 favorite (Past or Present) New London bands?
Always Fatal Film and Horns of Ormus, but right now I am digging Return to Sender.

The City has always had a bunch of great places to play. Is there anywhere in New London you wished you had played at before it's closing? 
The El ‘n’ Gee 

In your opinion, what are the differences between New Haven and New London music scenes?
As far as rock-n-roll goes... the New Haven scene feels less outside the box musically with a cadre of pop rock bands and singer songwriters. New London feels like it pushes the boundary on music eccentricity. That’s just a feeling and not necessarily true. 

If someone were to buy you a beer what are you going for? 
When I feel like a punk...Schaefer. When I feel like a middle aged consulting engineer... Counterweight Headway.

The Rezistors are playing 33 Golden Street on January 28th. What are the details of the show? 
We are excited to have such a monster bill with The Prozacs, Fatal Film and Jared Knapik!! The show is $10, 21+, and doors open at 8 pm. 

Catch the Show:
Saturday January 28, 2023




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