CD Review: Sue Menhart - Forever EP

CD Review By Adam Wujtewicz

Soul music has always been a way for singers to exercise demons.   It’s personal … it’s putting yourself out there without all the trappings and it’s a way to tell people what’s in your heart and on your mind.  Forever does just that.

The music flows well, but behind Sue’s voice, it’s really just texture. The pace is slow and the content intimate justifying the relaxed feel of the band. Sue could’ve taken that as her cue to show off the vocal acrobatics that most modern soul singers use but instead Sue puts her effort into hitting her notes and making sure that each one has power and conviction.

The blues has always been a big part of Sue’s music and even though she’s not rocking it out on Forever she uses the phrasing and the vocal riffs to keep things familiar and strong.  The subtle nature of the record gives it class and allows Sue to shine in ways that those who know her wouldn’t expect and those that don’t will see immediately.



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