CD Review: The Rivergods - Never Grow Old

CD Review by Adam Wujtewicz

The Rivergods are releasing their Never Grow Old EP on January 25th.  If you’re familiar with the Rivergods then you are expecting nothing less than the lush Pop Americana sound they’ve been cranking out for years.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Rivergods than allow me to paint you a quick picture of this 4 song outing.

Picture this; Blood on the Tracks era Bob Dylan and Harvest Moon era Neil Young in a poppy, less guitar centric, package.  Now remove the vocals (because as iconic as both Bob and Neil’s voices are neither one is winning any awards for pitch and technique) and Ben and Nancy Parent both have wonderful and easy to listen to singing voices that work incredibly well together. It’s this 60’s folk rock and pop influence mixed with a more modern tonality, song structure and recording techniques gives you the groundwork of Never Grow Old.  It’s channeling your forefathers through the lens of your own life and experience.



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