Whalie Award Winners 2015

Critics' Choice

Best Pop Album
Daphne Lee Martin "Frost"

Best Rock Album
Straight To VHS "Weekend Weekend Weekend"

Best Hip Hop Album / Mixtape
Franc Grams "The Premonition"

Record / EP Of The Year
Paul Brockett Roadshow "Up All Night"

Song of the Year
The Brazen Youth "Alright"

Breakthrough Artist
Delyon Don

Best Pop/Rock Video
This Wretch In Me "Charlatan's Web"

Best Hip Hop/R&B Video
Jus Cuz "Momma Said"

Best Hip Hop / R&B Collaboration Video
Various Artists "New London Cypher #2"

Best Pop Rock Performance
The McJaggers "Gotta Girl Who Dunno 'Bout Love"

Best Rock Performance
Fatal Film "Oh Hell"

Best Indie Performance
The Brazen Youth "Alright"

Best Pop Performance
Steve Elci and Friends "Imagination Nation"

Best Americana Performance
The Rivergods "Fall Where They Fall"

Best Roots Rock Performance
Sue Menhart Band "Can't Feel The Rain"

Best Punk/Ska Performance
Dead City Riot "Spraycans"

Best Hiphop/Rap Performance
Delyon Don ft. Streetcode Danj "Turnup"

Best Hiphop/R&B Performance
Yasmin Ward "Choke"

Best Hiphop/R&B Collaboration
Franc Gramz ft. Craigy F "Down For Me"

Best Urban Alternative Performance
Chumzilla ft. Benn Grim "Respect My Odyssey"

People's Choice

Best Rock Act
Suicide Dolls

Best Indie/Garage Act
Straight to VHS

Best Pop Act
Daphne Lee Martin

Best Punk/Ska Act
The Hempsteadys

Best Hardcore / Metal Act
Bedroom Rehab Corporation

Best Hip Hop/Rap
Franc Grams 

Best Hip Hop / R&B Act

Best Urban Alternative Act
N.M.E. the illest

Best Singer-Songwriter
Ethan Cash

Best Folk/Bluegrass

Best Americana
The Hoolios

Best Roots Rock Act
Ramblin' Dan Stevens

Best Jam/Prog Act
Incognito Sofa Love

Best Jazz Act
Thor Jensen Jazz Organization

Best DJ

Best Radio DJ
Marko Fontaine / Punk Rock Jukebox

Best Producer
Carl Franklin

Best Music Series
Hygienic Art Park Concert Series

Best Music-Themed Event / Festival
New London Youth Talent Show



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