Wailing City Spotlight: Interview With Nick Bosse

Published October 7, 2021
Upon digging around on social media for shows and musicians to help promote on Wailing City, we came across Nick Bosse - a country music singer/songwriter from North Stonington that is seemingly quite busy this fall, (and beyond), with a full schedule of gigs all over New London county. 

Nick's latest single "What Happened to Country" has had over 160,000 streams since it's release in January of this year. Nick also has a huge dedicated fan base called the "Bosse Posse" -- how cool is that? 

Jeffrey Thunders, (local musician/Wailing City contributor), was as curious as I was in learning more about Nick Bosse and recently did a little interview with him. Check it out! --Meghan 

Nick's Bio: Nick has spent the last 8 years in the entertainment industry, backed by a power-house band of musicians from Connecticut and Rhode Island -- The Northern Roots. Nick's songwriting and music stylings are influenced by country, southern rock and bluegrass legends, which he projects in every live performance. His newest single "What Happened to Country" has had over 160,000 streams since it's release in January 2021. 

Interview by Jeffrey Thunders / Wailing City
October 7, 2021

WC: Who are The Northern Roots?
NB: The Northern Roots is my band I started with my friend and drummer John Spaulding back in 2014. John plays drums, Mandolin, and sings back up vocals, Rob Briggs plays upright bass, Don Barnes plays lead guitar, Tom Pritchard plays fiddle and sings back up vocals, Brian Straub plays pedal steel guitar, and Xuan Liu plays banjo and harmonica.

Covid restrictions are slowly being lifted, some people are cautious about playing shows/being at shows. What has the perception been for you since coming out of this darkness?
I've noticed that pretty much everyone is comfortable with outdoor shows but when it comes to indoor venues some folks are still a little nervous about going out. I have not slowed down though and will continue to play indoor venues throughout the winter for all my friends and fans!

Speaking of shows you seem to have a constant stream of them coming up. What are some of your favorite stages, rooms, or venues to play?
I really enjoy playing at larger outdoor venues like The Rathskeller and the fairs and festivals we've had this summer. I'm looking forward to another awesome fall/winter season playing at Phoenix in Pawcatuck, Filomena's, and so many more!

What band are you currently obsessed with?

Billy Strings, Tyler Childers, Charley Crockett, and Sturgill Simpson

Who are some artists that you look up to?
Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Jamey Johnson, and so many more

Waylon Jennings or Gram Parsons?
Waylon Jennings all day

Outside of playing music. It's Friday night and you want to go out for dinner. Where are you heading?
Engine Room or Shunock River Brewery

South Eastern Connecticut and Rhode Island are sought after for travelers coming to look at foliage and vacationing in the fall months. Is there anywhere you like to "get away"?
I have some secret spots in Voluntown and North Stonington that I like to visit when the leaves turn

In your opinion what do you feel helps push music further, streaming sites (Spotify, bandcamp, Apple music, etc...) or nose to the grind playing shows and hustling the old school way?
I think utilizing streaming services helps you get your music out to those you can't reach but the real fans are earned through hitting the road and performing live.

Yeah, yeah, it's a generic question but if you can narrow it down what are your top 5 favorite records of all time?

Waylon live 1976, Waylon & Willie 1978, Lonesome Onry and Mean 1973, Johnny Cash Live at San Quentin 1969, and Merle Haggard Sing me back home 1968

You're booking a show... 4 bands or artists not counting yourself, (you being the 5th). Who's on the bill?
Nick Casey, Back Rhodes, Mickey Lamantia, The Silks

What are your thoughts on mixed bill shows? For instance if you played with a hip hop act or a metal band.
I would be ok with that, we are all on a musical journey and shouldn't be close-minded to other people's music.

As we go into the colder months what do you have planned? More shows? Recording?
I will be working on my EP in the studio, writing songs, and playing as many shows as I can

Would you like to give any shout outs?
I would like to shout out my friends Nick Casey and Jesse Desorcy, two of the best lead singers in the New England country music scene. I'd also like to shout out to the Bosse Posse, I love you all and your continued support of my music means the world to me.

Catch Nick Bosse Live:

Thur 10/7Shunock River Brewery, North Stonington 6pm
Fri 10/8 @ Steak Loft, Mystic 7pm
Sat 10/9 @ The Rathskeller Down Back Charlestown, RI w/ The Northern Roots 7pm
Thu 10/14 @ Friar Tuck's, Mystic 7pm
Fri 10/15 @ The Phoenix, Pawcatuck w/ The Northern Roots 7:30pm
Fri 10/29The Phoenix, Pawcatuck w/ The Northern Roots 7:30pm
Sat 10/30 @ Taylor Brooke Brewery, Woodstock 2pm
Sun 10/31 @ Shunock River Brewery, North Stonington w/ Nick Casey 6pm






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