Slander Releases Video For "Magnets b/w Ghosts"

written by Luke Hunter, Grayson Connelly, and Julia Farrar w/ Slander
directed by Ellery Twining
filmed by Andrew W. Proctor
story by Twining, Gemma, Farrar
filmed at Stardust Motel N. Stonington, CT. 26 & 27 january 2013
a Portfire/MysticMusicArcv release c. 2013

CD Review: Josi Davis - The Evolution of Love

CD review by Adam Wujtewicz
The Evolution of Love, the new album from Josi Davis, is a marathon run through from the catalog of Americana music styles.  Transitioning from Jazz, Blues, Country, Soul, Roots Rock N’ Roll - back and forth - and blending all of them together, Josi’s using the whole color palette on this one. While this approach might seem haphazard, the order in which the songs are arranged smooths out all of the sharp corners that can be created by putting that many different genres on one record. 

While Josi and her splendid vocal range take center stage there is a very accomplished group of musicians behind her, including: John Van Ness, Rufus “baby grand” Davis, Carl Franklin and William Light to name a few.  Recorded at Carl Franklin’s PWOP Studios here in New London, there is sheen to the production but still a very natural and live tone to The Evolution of Love. The vocals and drums sound like the rooms they were recorded in and the mix is one you’d expect more from a professional live show than a record. 

While I’d say that the album on a whole is pretty mellow and introspective my personal favorite moments are the more upbeat and jumpy.  The slide guitar soaked “Another Saturday Night” and “Ivy Grows” are great dance numbers a real showcase for the musicianship on the album.  So if you are into taking a musical journey across the Americana landscape, The Evolution of Love by Josi Davis should be your roadmap.



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