CD Review: Anne Castellano and the Smoke - Electric

CD Review by Adam Wujtewicz

Anne Castellano and The Smoke are releasing their debut LP entitled Electric.  Recorded by the band’s drummer, Tony Castellano, (also Anne's brother), Electric is 13 tunes of swirling melancholy with an early alternative backbeat.

Front and center is Anne’s voice - whether strong and scornful like on the opening track “Enough” or calm and learned on “Listen”, she makes you believe every word she sings.  Right behind her is a mist of chorus and flanger soaked guitars.  Vince’s icy lead lines leans towards the right speaker and Anne’s steady rhythm in the left.  The separation spreads the sound out and allows the rhythm section to anchor the songs in a very direct way.

Stylistically, Anne is sticking pretty close to her moody alternative roots but peppering in splashes of country and early rock n’ roll with songs like “The Train” and “Stone”, which is my personal favorite track on the album. Anne has been a mainstay in the New London music scene for many years and has continued to steadily improve her chops and Electric is one more exhibit on top of a mounting wall of evidence. This melodious and dreamy disc will have you star gazing and lamenting lost loves without having to stray too far from earth or rock n’ roll.

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