CD Review: Estrogen and Tonic - Let's See What Happens

CD Review by Adam Wujtewicz

Estrogen and Tonic is a band of many reputable singers and undeniable impulse.  Their brand of comic punk is something that never ceases to bring a smile to my face.  Let’s See What Happens is completely irreverent, ludicrous and all in all a thumb-in-the-eye of anything that is processed and stale about rock and roll.  Annemarie Newport’s wild vocals and patented smash drumming technique set the tone of for these short bursts of music.  Chris Moore sings a few tunes in a much calmer manner but with similarly insane lyrics.  The loudest thing on the record is Todd Romanella’s bass – and in a very Pixies sort of way keeps the songs grounded in reality.  The two guitars, played by Chris Moore and Steve Swan, do completely different things all the time and this is completely key in keeping with the crazy vibe of the band.  Both guitars are usually doing very simple things but complexity would ruin all this bands charm.

The overall production of this record is clear enough but without polish.  The songs sound like they were all recorded at different times and then the settings were all set the same in the computer.  This allows every song to have a little bit of it’s own charm without the album sounding like a sampler of songs that were never meant to be on the same record.  My personal favorites on the disc are “Banana Stab” because it’s a mellow but still crazy Annemarie song and “Dirty Pot” which is a completely punk Chris tune.

Let’s See What Happens is what I believe Estrogen and Tonic say every time they write a song, play a show… and maybe even get up in the morning.  I’d say what happened with this record is what happens with your favorite cartoons.... childish fun from the minds of clever adults.
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