CD Review: Urban P - Welcome To The 860

CD Review by Adam Wujtewicz

Urban P's latest record  Welcome to the 860 is probably the most standard hip-hop record that will make a splash in New London.  Now I don’t mean standard as in boring or lacking… I mean standard in that fact that it contains the essential pieces that makes a great hip-hop record: a man with a microphone, rockin' electronic beats, and some killer turntables. This record has that... and more.
While other local bands like Flowers & Kain and Above/Below use hip-hop vocals mixed against a rock and jazz backbeat, Urban P and Jon Concept have put together a hard hitting record that is hip hop in it's truest form.  The first thing that hit me about the sound of this record is that the bass drum isn’t all that low end trunk rattle sound… it’s got great punch and clarity. The production values are slick and clean like chrome.

There are some interesting sounds on the record like the string melody on “N.I.G.G.A. Odds” and the dichotomy of the angry lyrics and delivery against a piano track on “The Fair One”.  You also have the title track that has simple little soul piano on the verse that holds down the rhythm... not to mention horns on the chorus.

Not only is the music on the record diverse but vocaly Urban P throws you a few curve balls.  He attacks the track "Kill or be Killed" like a bull in a china shop, lays back and mellows out on "Let's Take Off" and gets the crowd riled and chanting along on "Champion".  These diverse change ups are extremely important in a style of music that doesn't tend to have a lot of vocal melody to speak of.
Welcome to the 860 is a quality record with a great package to represent it and if you want a local way to break into hip hop, pick this record up. Contact Urban P at one of the below links to purchase a copy.

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