Wailing City Spotlight: Interview with Chris Moore of Horns Of Ormus

Published November 9, 2023
Interview by Jeff Thunders

Hey Chris, how are you? 
Doing fine, surviving ww3 so far, can't complain. 

You Play guitar in Horns Of Ormus. I've been telling people you guys are New London's answer to Television. How would you describe the sound of the band to one who didn't know? 
I'm flattered by the comparison, maybe imagine television born in a dive bar w/ a nu wave guitarist

What are you currently listening to? 
Saved! by Reverend Kristen Michael Hayter, an alt project by the astonishing artist Lingua Ignota. 

Who are your all time top 3 favorite New London bands? 

Wailing City Archive: Chris w/ Estrogen & Tonic at 33, NL 2012

Past or present, where is your favorite room to play in town? 
Station 58 upstairs 

Same question as above, but apply it to outside of the New London area. 
Cafe 9 in New Haven 

If you can narrow it down, what are your top 5 favorite records of all time? 
This is insanely tough, I'll go with:
"The shape of jazz to come" - Ornette Coleman
"Double nickels on the dime" - Minutemen
"Paul's Boutique" - Beastie Boys
"Muswell Hillbillies" - The Kinks
"Good kid Maad city" - Kendrick Lamar 

It's Friday night, you have no shows, but wanna go out on the town. Where are you heading

If you could join a current New London band for 1 show who would it be? 

If you were a pizza topping what would you be? 
native tomato 
What former band of yours would you bring back for one show? 
What do you think New London brings to the state as far as a community goes that no one else has? 
NL has the best mix of grit and queerness in CT 

What is something about you that not many people know? 
Little known fact: I'm a singer songwriter called Lawn Bastard 
Wailing City Archive: Lawn Bastards at Bank St. Cafe, NL 2005

In your opinion what band is the most underrated band of all time? 
The future of the left
Okay, I'll stop with the harassment. But before we part ways, would you like to give any shout outs? 
Shout outs to all my dead homies, Phil, Josh, Joel, Chris, Craig, Breck, Bill, and all the others gone too soon. Rest well my good men.


Fri 11/17 @ 33 Golden, New London - Horns Of Ormus, Mitch Kramer, Typhoid Mary, DJ Sir Round Sound - 9pm/$10/21+




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