'Disc 40': Mystic Disc 40th Celebration @ Mystic German Club Sat Sep 30

*Last updated 9/30 1:00pm
Saturday September 30, 2023
@ German Club
Greenmanville Avenue - Mystic
6:15 to 9pm / Free / All Ages

Disc40 The 40th Anniversary Celebration for The Mystic Disc

Saturday 30 September 2023 will find us celebrating the 40th anniversary of local institution The Mystic Disc, at the Mystic River Park in Downtown Mystic, Connecticut. Speakers and performers stretch the gamut from regional record store owners, to recognized personalities, to musicians who owe much of their inspiration to what Dan Curland built at 10 Steamboat Wharf in Downtown Mystic.

The Mystic & Noank Library is presenting the event.

The MC for our night is the Director of Admissions for Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, Dan Pearson. Mystic born and bred, Dan witnessed the Disc become the centrifugal force of the Mystic music scene in the late 1980s and 1990s.

The Lineup:

Stephen Chupaska was one of the earliest crate diggers at The Disc, which is a term of endearment.“My thirst for trivia often overrules a search for real-world experiences” Guardian UK Stephen’s wit will be evident in his presentation. 

Rich Martin/ The Telegraph New London built an empire, From Temporary Autonomous Zone, to The Secret Theatre, to The Hygienic Arts Center, to The Telegraph Record Store, while curating a music scene in New London, along with former Disc employee Sean Murray, that defined and continues to define an era. 

Wall Mathews is an accomplished composer, writer, guitarist, pianist, arranger, as well as being Dan’s original partner in opening The Mystic Disc. Wall will speak on his experience opening the store, and also perform an original musical composition, accompanied by Dan Curland on Bass Guitar. 

Steven Slosberg, the estimable, erstwhile columnist for The New London Day and The Westerly Sun, will interview Dan Curland and Wall Matthews for a proper discussion of the shop, and it’s achievements over four decades. 

Xenos is an experimental folk group that merges the traditional songs and modern sounds of the Greek island of Crete. Psychedelic, rock interpretations of Cretan folk music, while honoring the rich musical heritage of the island, Xenos add their own artistic sensibilities to create a new landscape. 

Mark Henderson is the founder and owner of the In Your Ear chain of record stores. He started their eventual climb to several Boston area stores by selling records, as the Irish would say, from the “boot of his car” along the streets of the Cambridge college campuses. Mark and Dan have been long time friends, and surprisingly, have maintained a civility between Mark’s Red Sox rooting interest and Dan’s long time love of the Bronx Bombers. 

James Maple is a truly unique individual, helming Lamplighter Trading Co shop in Downtown Mystic, while simultaneously making his own music and backing many other musicians across several styles. He will perform an original song as well as giving his spirited take on what The Disc meant to him as a kid growing up in Mystic. 

Dan Curland, Disc owner, will give his version of the Max Yasgur “I’m just a Farmer…” speech from Woodstock, to say his thanks to the people over 40 years. 

17 Relics were one of the more acclaimed bands during the height of the Mystic music scene during the 1990s. College Music Journal wrote about the band in 1992: “Maybe it’s the dreamy quality of the small town life, or maybe it’s something in the water in the town of Mystic, Connecticut that makes 17 Relics sound the way they do. The truth is, you could slide your finger all the way down this year’s CMJ Top 150 bands, and you wouldn’t find a single band you could peg as an influence on 17 Relics. They are mysterious, effulgent, literate, and melodically sturdy.” They are reforming for Disc40, performing for the first time in 12 years. 

DJ Brian Carter is a world renowned DJ who is also a long-time friend of The Disc and Dan. Brian will be closing out the night with a set of his trademark, one of a kind, Deep House mixes.



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