Recur Occurrence to Play Final Show @ 33 Sat Nov 17

33 (33 Golden Street)
9:30pm, $5, 21+
with Wrist Like This 
(Cassette release)
and Power Blessings 
(Northampton, MA)
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By Adam Wujtewicz

Purveyors of rock Recur Occurrence, (Jason Banta: guitar, Corina Malbaurn: bass and Ben LaRose: drums), are calling it quits. Other opportunities have been presenting themselves to all members and it seems as though time constraints and divergent paths have caught up with them. Since 2007 RO has been playing big, high energy, rock music unheard in New London since the late 90's. More than nostalgia, they were a sign that the style never died it just was just vacationing (probably in the mid west). Aggressive but still holding great pop melodies, RO was a shining example of making music that was artistic yet still applied to a large audience. Playing bills alongside Life and Times, Riddle of Steel, and Traindodge, they showed that they could keep up with some heavy hitters within the genre. Come out and give these guys a sendoff to remember because they deserve it for sure.

The show Saturday is actually a cassette release party for NL rockers Wrist Like This. Also on the bill are Power Blessings from Northampton, MA. Sure to be one heck of a rock show. Don't miss it!



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