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Wailing City Spotlight: Interview with Llama Tsunami

Published September 21, 2023
Interview by Meghan Killimade

You guys have been together and playing in the area for around 15 years!? For those who may be unfamiliar - what's the history of the band?  
Band: Formed in 2008, Llama Tsunami is a 9 piece ska band. Many members have come and gone over the years- there are 20 current and former llamas! Currently, three original members remain; Ben Perry (bass, vocals), Nick Perry (vocals), and Josh Middleton (trumpet). Kevin Stoodt (saxophone) joined in 2010, Zach Lewis (lead guitar) joined in 2013, and Christy Hagerty-Stoodt started singing with the band in 2015. Meg Canastar (trombone) joined in 2018, Marcus Dipollina, a long time friend and drum sub, joined officially as our drummer in 2019, and Evan Grey joined in 2022 as our rhythm guitarist. Zach and Marcus are from Waterford, Evan is from New London, and everyone else is from Montville. The band has always been a creative outlet, but also we’re just a bunch of folks who want to have fun, and be a little dumb, like, as a band. We started as college kids who wanted to make music with friends, and now we’re a bunch of adults who make music with friends....

Wailing City Spotlight: Interview with Element 88

Published August 31, 2023
Recently, while doing some show promotion on WailingCity's Instagram page, I stumbled upon Element 88, a teenage rock band out of Westerly, RI, who are seemingly making quite a buzz in the area. 

Video clips of the band's recent live shows highlight their energy and passion and there is an obvious chemistry within the group that stands out in their performance. As they work to carve out their own unique sound, you can absolutely hear a more mature musical influence of classic rock, jazz, funk and blues... blended with a more current indie rock. The sound that these guys are creating is quite impressive for a group aged just 13 & 14. 

There is no doubt that the young band have put quite a bit of work into their project, boasting a slew of well-built original songs - one of which includes "Bluffs", their newly released debut single.

Having showcased their songs at "Youth on the Mic" nights at the The Knickerbocker Music Center in Westerly, RI - and honing their skills with the support and instruction of  The RI Phil Music School at the United Theatre, they've created quite a buzz... this band will be one to watch! 

I recently asked the guys how they got started, about the new single and what they have coming up. Check out the interview and new single below!