2010 Whalie Award Winners

(Whalie Winners: Members of Stressbomb, NME & Jaimee from Low-Beam)

Here are the winners!!

• Album of the Year: Low-Beam - "Charge Of the Light Brigade"
• Record of the Year: Straight to VHS - "Self Titled"
• Song of the Year: Matt Gouette - "Opinion"
• Breakthrough Artist Of the Year: Get Haunted
• Best Alternative Artist: Fatal Film
• Best Alternative Performance: Straight To VHS - "Hey"
• Best Americana Artist: Paul Brockett Roadshow
• Best Americana Performance: Sue Menhart Band - "Why You Love Me"
• Best DJ: Chumzilla
• Best Hardcore / Metal Artist: Amido Black
• Best Hardcore / Metal Performance: Black Water Blessing - "Chainsaw Hands"
• Best Hip Hop Artist: Above / Below
• Best Hip Hop Performance: N.M.E. - "Thank You"
• Best Indie / Experimental Artist: The Weird Beards
• Best Indie / Experimental Performance: Brava Spectre - "The Lioness Eye Tamed My Open Palm"
• Best Music Series: Sinners Circle
• Best Music Video: The Weird Beards - "Willow Tree Express"
• Best Punk / Ska Artist: The Hempsteadys
• Best Punk / Ska Performance: Stressbomb - "No Time For This"
• Best Rock Artist: Gone For Good
• Best Rock Performance: The Reducers - "Tokyo Bay"
• Best Solo Artist: Matt Gouette
• Best Solo Performance: Brad Bensko - "Why Do You Do That"



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